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MIDI Notation Software - Music Notation from your Printer!

Watch the notes while you listen to the music!

Now you can not only hear the notes of MIDI files but also see them highlighted on the screen during playback with Midi Notate, by MIDI Notation Software.

Don't know where to find the MIDI files? No problem. There are 100,000's of them on the Internet. MidiNotate's built-in Internet browser helps you find and download them, and automatically converts them to sheet music!

What's new in Version 4

* Order your Copy Now! US$34.95 Only
There are no monthly fees as well as any other hidden fees!

Searches and downloads MIDI files from the Internet

* Built-in Internet browser, fully integrated with MidiNotate, lets you search and download MIDI files directly from the Internet and immediately view them as sheet music.
Helps you find MIDI files by providing a growing list of more than 150 web sites that provide high quality, non-copyrighted MIDI files.
Automatically unzips downloaded MIDI files compacted as zip files.
Keeps bookmarks for your favorite MIDI file sites.

Converts MIDI files to music notation that can be immediately viewed on the screen

* Automatically converts any MIDI file into a sheet music notation . MidiNotate claims the highest accuracy of MIDI-to-notation transcription of any music software ever developed commercially or academically. We spent years of research and development on this central feature of MidiNotate. Also converts Karaoke (.kar) files to sheet music, and displays the lyrics.

* Automatically analyzes and displays chord names, such as D7, Dm, Gmaj7, F7sus4, and C7/9.
Splits piano (or other keyboard) tracks into right- and left-hand staves, based on thorough analysis of hand positions and finger motions.

Includes special features for practicing with accompaniment

* Lets you practice a section of a song any number of times that you specify, with optionally increasing tempo, and with pauses between each repeat.
* Lets you add rehearsal marks which can be used specify the section of the song you wish to practice with the above feature.
* Automatically turns pages during playback.
*Supports MIDI keyboards, MIDI guitars, and other MIDI controllers, so that your performance can be routed to channels and MIDI patches (instrument sounds) on other devices.

Plays back MIDI files while displaying the music notes

* Plays back MIDI file while displaying the score on the screen.
* Highlights notes on screen as they are played.
* Automatically turns pages during playback.
* Offers control of tempo during playback.
* Offers control of each instrument's volume during playback.
* Lets you jump to any arbitrary song location during playback.
* Mutes selected tracks, or temporarily solos a track (while muting all other tracks).
* Offers control of volume and left-to-right pan on a per-track basis.
* Allows you to change patch, channel and device assignments to tracks, via an intuitive user interface that hides confusing details of Windows MIDI ports.
* Supports any MIDI sound card, and any number of MIDI devices connected via sound card MIDI Out connectors.

Prints sheet music with many flexible options

* Prints the entire score or selected pages of the score.
* Extracts and prints individual instrument parts.
* Automatically prepares vocal parts by finding and merging lyrics and melody tracks.
* Automatically prepares fake book lead sheets by finding and merging lyrics and melody tracks, and analyzing and displaying chord names.
* Displays instrument parts in either concert pitch or the instrument's native transposed pitch.
* Offers option to compress spacing so that you can view more measures on the screen and print more measures on a page.
* Offers several page format options, including portrait versus landscape, margins, inside gutter, page numbers, and measure numbers.
* Lets you choose any point sizes for notation symbols, lyrics, and other types of text.
* Displays score on screen so that page size is set to the window size. This eliminates the need for you do manually scroll through the window.
* Prints any range of measures you specify.

Lets you correct errors that MidiNotate might make in transcribing the MIDI to music notation

NOTE: MidiNotate is not a MIDI sequencer or notation editor.

Although MidiNotate does an amazingly accurate job in transcribing MIDI files to notation, it will infrequently make mistakes that can be detected and corrected only with the judgment of a musician. Therefore, MidiNotate offers easy-to-use tools for correcting notation errors. Please note, however, that MidiNotate's editing features are largely limited to correcting the notation. MidiNotate does not support editing of the underlying MIDI notes and events, nor the adding of new notes or tracks.

MidiNotate lets you make the following changes to the score:

Insert key signature and clef changes.
Change enharmonic spellings (accidentals) of notes, such as from C# to Db.
Shift the as-notated locations (attacks) of notes.
Change the as-notated duration of notes.
Move selected notes from one staff to another.
Change the beaming of notes.
Add or remove ties between notes, and change the arc direction (up or down) of ties.
Delete notes that were not intended in the original MIDI performance and the score.
Replace written-out repeats in MIDI files with repeat signs and endings ("1", "2", etc.) that MidiNotate follows during playback.
Split measures with a new barline, such as might be needed for a repeat that starts at an upbeat.
Edit the barline style: single, double, dotted, start-repeat, or end-repeat.
Delete measures.
Permanently delete tracks.
Transpose between concert pitch and instrument's natural notated pitch.
Transpose absolute (as-heard) pitch.
Reassign tracks to different MIDI channels and patches (instrument sounds).
Add, remove and change lyrics, including multiple verses displayed in multiple lines of text.
Add, remove and change chord names after MidiNotate has automatically analyzed and displayed the chords.
Add brackets and braces to staves, such as for the right- and left-hand staves of a piano part.
Undo any number of previous editing operations.

System requied:
1. Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
2. Pentium 90mhz or better
3. 16 MB RAM 5MB hard drive space
What's benefit after registering:
1. Upgrade news
2. Special product offers
3. All future releases of Modem Spy will be free for you
4. Your name will be displayed in "About" dialog box
5. There will be no record length restrictions
Order information:
Midi Notation is a shareware. A user who want to use full-function requires registration. The registration fee only costs $34.95 US dollars.
Once you register, we will send you registration code immediately and all newer versions will also registered to you.
Music Notation Software Music notatino software MIDI Notation Software
Music Notation Software
midi notate musical notation

Product Notes

Click to view full Screen Shot of Midi Notation

Free Download
* [Site 1] [Site 2]
* Last Release: 2003-10-23

Buy Now [US$34.95]

* Send you a registration code to fully unlock the software immdiately!
* We don't record your credit card info.
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MP3 Recorder ram rm to wav converter User's Letter
"It feels like there's always a catch somewhere. I found I could quickly reach what I'd consider a great starting point to start doing a serious transcription of a full orchestra MIDI file to piano duet. It's also clear that the kind of notation control I'd like isn't there in MidiNotate. I'm still dithering between Finale and Sibelius, but I think it's Finale that's going to win.
Any thoughts? My whole career has been in computers and I play the piano well. It's this convergence that's making me feel like I'm starting over!"

--Steve Hollingsworth
Midi Notation Software
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