Great Ways to Weatherproof Your Windshield

Weather of all sorts presents problems for our cars and driving in general. When it comes to our vehicles, there have been many different developments over the years by automobile manufacturers that aim to make driving easier in these conditions. Because of these types of additions, driving in rain, snow, at night or in wind has become a much safer act than it was in years past. Despite all of this, there are still many areas where the weather can present a variety of challenges, and manufacturers trying to come up with new solutions to help.
Even though you may not think about it often, the windshield is a part of your car that can be accentuated after you purchase it. It doesn’t matter if your windshield is new or many years old: there are ways you can act that will improve its performance in inclement conditions. You may not be aware of all of these solutions, but most are simple, cost-effective and take very little time. In the following article, we’ll discuss these solutions so that you can be informed and act on the ones you find most necessary for safe driving in the future.

Go Over Your Windshield
The most important thing you can do to ensure that your windshield is ready to withstand the elements is to give it a quick look-over for any issues. Plenty of minor issues – small cracks or chips in its surface, or areas where the windshield might be separating from the car – can be found when you occasionally go over it with a keen pair of eyes. Damage can quickly spread if not caught early, which makes this technique so important. By looking over your windshield and acting on any problems you may find, you can save time and money in the future. Many different auto glass specialists and organizations have outlined the effects damaged auto glass can have, so you must take the appropriate actions as soon as possible to avoid these such a fate.

Apply a Repellent
There are DIY and professional types of repellent available on the market that you can use to make driving safer whenever precipitation is in the air. Over time, your windshield will build up grime and oils, and your windshield wipers begin to lose their effectiveness. Some of the more common forms of this include calcium buildups and accumulated oil fumes from the road and other vehicles. Whenever it begins to rain, these issues can wreak havoc on your visibility and endanger your life. With so many different repellent products now available on the market, you owe it to yourself to act today and ensure that safer driving conditions are guaranteed in inclement weather.

New Wiper Blades
Replacing your wiper blades is an easy fix to a big problem, and many people forget to do this on a regular basis. The average pair of windshield wipers needs to be replaced every few thousand miles or so, but many people go years without replacing them – what a bad idea! New sets of wiper blades will be instrumental at removing excess grime and moisture from your windshield, ensuring peak visibility in even the worst of driving conditions. You can easily find a replacement pair of blades for less than $20 and most auto parts stores will even install them for you.

Use Antifrost and Defogging Solutions
The application of anti-frost and defogging solutions to your windshield can be a godsend for those who drive frequently in moist or foggy areas. You can choose between a more comprehensive coating that is applied by a professional, or pick up a DIY solution that is applied in spray form. In either case, you’ll be able to find a professional at an auto glass store or shop who will be able to help you with the application. This is something that you can have applied whenever you are having a tune-up performed; in some changes, even oil change shops provide this service if asked. These applications can significantly reduce the likelihood of early morning accidents on foggy roads.

What’s the Cost?
As long as your windshield replacement has not been damaged by rocks or other forms of debris, all of the options mentioned here are low-cost solutions that can be accomplished quickly. If you want to apply a coat of repellent, a coat of anti-frost and install a set of new wipers, then you’re very likely to spend no more than $25 at the end of the day. Regardless of the costs, however, your life and safety are far more important than a few extra bucks in your pocket for coffee or leisure expenses. Through the use select chemicals, properly maintained windshield wipers and periodic inspections of your windshield, your safety in bad conditions is improved quite a bit.

We hope that this discussion has shed some light on the options you have to improve visibility and safety while behind the wheel. Before you get behind the wheel again in any type of inclement weather, please be sure to go over your windshield to see if there is any damage, replace wipers that are past their prime and be sure to consider one type of waterproofing application or another to ensure there is no moisture buildup on your windshield.